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This is Tombstone, One of a Kind: The Town Too Tough to Die

By: N/A

Price: $1.49

Publisher: Red Marie: January 1984

Seller ID: 45326

ISBN: B000P14N98

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for American Indian Myths and Legends (The Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library)

American Indian Myths and Legends (The Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library)

By: Erdoes, Richard

Price: $4.95

Publisher: Pantheon: January 1984

Seller ID: 47322

ISBN: 0394740181

Condition: Used - Good

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Digging Up Butch and Sundance

By: Anne Meadows

Price: $4.95

Publisher: St Martins Pr: June 1994

Seller ID: 45330

ISBN: 0312109687

Condition: Used - Good

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Cowboy: The Legend and the Legacy

By: B. A.;Fiegehen Gary;Skipp Jim Payton

Price: $3.49

Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre: December 2000

Seller ID: 48741

ISBN: 1550545442

Condition: Used - Good

Take a rollicking ride through cowboy subculture, from reality to the romantic image. There is no more enduring icon of the American West than the cowboy, rugged, individualistic, and hero of countless movies and TV shows. Here is his true story, along with a look at how popular culture both created and reflected his "wild West" lifestyle. From the corral to the range and into the dance hall, this absorbing chronicle contrasts the wrangler's world in its golden age with the mythological character of books and film. Passages from the best classic cowboy literature offer insights into his day-to... View more info

Legendary characters of southeast Arizona: A sequel to The chronicles of Tombstone

By: Ben T Traywick

Price: $2.49

Publisher: Red Marie's Bookstore: January 1994

Seller ID: 45325


Condition: Used - Good

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Image for Cheyenne: 1867 to 1903: A Biography of the Magic City of the Plains

Cheyenne: 1867 to 1903: A Biography of the Magic City of the Plains

By: Bill O'Neal

Price: $3.95

Publisher: Eakin Press: July 2006

Seller ID: 48054

ISBN: 1571688390

Condition: Used - Good

The story of the formative period of Cheyenne is, to a remarkable degree, the story of America's last West. Founded as a railroad boomtown, Cheyenne was a raucous and violent Hell on Wheels. Rising as if by magic from an empty prairie, Cheyenne was known the "Magic City" of the Plains. The cast of this great Western saga was colorful and imposing. Cattle barons and merchant kings. Cowboys and soldiers. Vigilantes and lawmen. Gamblers and gunfighters. The railroad brought to Cheyenne a parade of celebrities, from President Grant to Teddy Roosevelt, Wild Bill Hickok to Calamity Jane, Sarah Bernh... View more info

1880 Tombstone Arizona Photo Album

By: Bill Roman

Price: $1.95

Publisher: Bill Roman Publisher: January 1988

Seller ID: 45327


Condition: Used - Good

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Image for Jedediah Smith and the Opening of the West (Bison Book S)

Jedediah Smith and the Opening of the West (Bison Book S)

By: Dale L. Morgan

Price: $3.95

Publisher: Bison Books: June 1964

Seller ID: 48102

ISBN: 0803251386

Condition: Used - Good

In 1822, before Jedediah Smith entered the West, it was largely an unknown land, "a wilderness," he wrote, "of two thousand miles diameter." During his nine years as a trapper for Ashley and Henry and later for the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, "the mild and Christian young man" blazed the trail westward through South Pass; he was the first to go from the Missouri overland to California, the first to cross the length of Utah and the width of Nevada, first to travel by land up through California and Oregon, first to cross the Sierra Nevada. Before his death on the Santa Fe Trail at the hands of t... View more info

Image for Legends and Lies: Great Mysteries of the American West

Legends and Lies: Great Mysteries of the American West

By: Dale L. Walker

Price: $3.95

Publisher: Forge Books: November 1998

Edition: 2

Seller ID: 48057

ISBN: 0312868480

Condition: Used - Good

"All of history is mystery," Dale L. Walker says, and he proves his point in this lively, humorous--and rational--approach to the West's greatest puzzles. Did Davy Crockett, for example, go down swinging Ol' Betsy, defending the ramparts of the Alamo--or was he captured? Who is buried in Jesse James's grave? Was the man Pat Garrett shot that night really Billy the Kid? How did Black Bart, "the gentleman bandit," disappear? Did Sacajawea, the famous "Bird Woman" who scouted for Lewis and Clark, die twice? The possibilities unfold as Walker brings together little-known facts and the elusive conn... View more info

Image for The Madonnas of Leningrad: A Novel

The Madonnas of Leningrad: A Novel

By: Debra Dean

Price: $2.95

Publisher: Harper Perennial: February 2007

Seller ID: 43133

ISBN: 0060825316

Condition: Used - Good

Bit by bit, the ravages of age are eroding Marina's grip on the everyday. An elderly Russian woman now living in America, she cannot hold on to fresh memories--the details of her grown children's lives, the approaching wedding of her grandchild--yet her distant past is miraculously preserved in her mind's eye. Vivid images of her youth in war-torn Leningrad arise unbidden, carrying her back to the terrible fall of 1941, when she was a tour guide at the Hermitage Museum and the German army's approach signaled the beginning of what would be a long, torturous siege on the city. As the peopl... View more info

Image for The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

By: Disney Book Group,Elizabeth Rudnick

Price: $2.25

Publisher: Disney Press: May 2013

Seller ID: 48225

ISBN: 1423177150

Condition: Used - Good

Junior Novel on the new upcoming Disney film, The Lone Ranger. View more info

Cowboys and the Wild West: An A-Z Guide from the Chisholm Trail to the Silver Screen

By: Don Cusic

Price: $6.95

Publisher: Facts on File: November 1994

Seller ID: 45217

ISBN: 0816027838

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for The Earp Brothers of Tombstone: The Story of Mrs. Virgil Earp

The Earp Brothers of Tombstone: The Story of Mrs. Virgil Earp

By: Frank Waters

Price: $2.49

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press: April 1976

Seller ID: 45331

ISBN: 0803258380

Condition: Used - Good

"The Earp Brothers of Tombstone" and the famous fight at the O. K. Corral are well known to American history and even better known to American legend. This composite biography of Wyatt, Morgan, Virgil, James, and Warner Earp is based on the recollections of Mrs. Virgil Earp, dictated to the author in the 1930s, and amplified by documents he unearthed in 1959. In his review of the book for "Library Journal," W. S. Wallace stated that he considered The Earp Brothers of Tombstone "the most authoritative account ever to be published on the subject." View more info

Following the Frontier with F. Jay Haynes, pioneer photographer of the old West

By: Freeman Tilden

Price: $4.95

Publisher: Knopf: January 1964

Seller ID: 46233


Condition: Used - Good

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By: Jan Hudson

Price: $1.49

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks: January 1991

Seller ID: 45207

ISBN: 0590434861

Condition: Used - Good

Sweetgrass, a 15-year-old Blackfoot girl, longs to be married like the other girls her age, and she has a young warrior in mind, Eagle-Sun. Her father feels she is too young for marriage, but over a difficult year for their tribe, which include natural disasters, encounters with white settlers, fights with other tribes, and a smallpox epidemic, she proves her courage, intelligence, and maturity. View more info

Image for Encyclopedia Of Western Lawmen & Outlaws

Encyclopedia Of Western Lawmen & Outlaws

By: Jay Robert Nash

Price: $7.95

Publisher: Da Capo Press: August 1994

Seller ID: 48048

ISBN: 030680591x

Condition: Used - Good

With over 1000 entries and 400 illustrations, this volume is the most fact-packed history of the West ever assembled. Crime historian extraordinaire Jay Robert Nash has left no stone unturned in his search for the gunmen, train robbers, gangs, desperadoes, range warriors, gamblers, and lawmen that roamed the frontier. Contrary to popular myth, the Wild West was not a glamorous land where chivalry and courage were the custom and a man died with his boots on. It was a land of incredible hardships--brutal weather, hunger and disease, and the constant threat of violent death. Everyone carried a si... View more info

Image for California Gold

California Gold

By: John Jakes

Price: $1.95

Publisher: Ballantine Books: September 1990

Seller ID: 46149

ISBN: 0345369432

Condition: Used - Good

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The Life of Kit Carson (Golden West Series)

By: John S. C Abbott

Price: $1.95

Publisher: Leisure Books: January 1977

Seller ID: 46644

ISBN: 0843904747

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for Buffalo Girls: A Novel

Buffalo Girls: A Novel

By: Larry McMurtry

Price: $8.50

Publisher: Simon & Schuster: November 2001

Seller ID: 46555

ISBN: 0743216296

Condition: Used - Good

In a letter to her daughter back East, Martha Jane is not shy about her own importance: "Martha Jane -- better known as Calamity -- is just one of the handful of aging legends who travel to London as part of Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show in Buffalo Girls. As he describes the insatiable curiosity of Calamity's Indian friend No Ears, Annie Oakley's shooting match with Lord Windhouveren, and other highlights of the tour, McMurtry turns the story of a band of hardy, irrepressible survivors into an unforgettable portrait of love, fellowship, dreams, and heartbreak. View more info

Image for The Wandering Hill (Berrybender Narrative, Bk 2)

The Wandering Hill (Berrybender Narrative, Bk 2)

By: Larry McMurtry

Price: $2.95

Publisher: Simon & Schuster: May 2003

Seller ID: 48453

ISBN: 0743233034

Condition: Used - Good

In "The Wandering Hill, " Larry McMurtry continues the story of Tasmin Berrybender and her family in the still unexplored Wild West of the 1830s, at the point in time when the Mountain Men and trappers like Jim Bridger and Kit Carson (both lively characters in the book), though still alive, are already legendary figures, when the journey of Lewis and Clark is still a living memory, while the painter George Catlin is at work capturing the Mandan tribes just before they are eliminated by the incursion of the white man and smallpox, and when the clash between the powerful Indian tribes of the Mis... View more info